Welcome to Wiskerke BV, the appropriate administrative office for an efficient accounting system in the region Harderwijk, Dronten, Zwolle and Apeldoorn. In our trust office in 't Harde, we provide a broad range of administrative services for companies. With respect to companies we focus primarily on:

  • SME companies
  • Starting entrepreneurs
  • BV Organisations

Thanks Wiskerke trust companies and its directors can focus entirely on core business and other things having priority. We welcome your administration and accounting from the hands, which of course you understand and get in your figures. 


Our target group are individuals and active entrepreneurs in SMEs or start-ups are located in the NW region Veluwe. These entrepreneurs are focused on running their organization and give their administration and accounting with a comfortable feeling of control. Wiskerke Inc. is your administration and accounting office in the North West Veluwe.


Are you a business and want your administration, accounting, billing and credit management from hands, leaving you more time to do other things? Please feel free to through our contact us page. 


We advise and assist you in preparing a business plan. Make an appointment and discover what we can do for you!